Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

The Durable Power of Attorney is used in estate planning to prepare for a time when you may become incapacitated. This could happen because of a physical injury sustained in an accident, stroke, or other medical issue, or because of a mental illness. While a regular power of attorney becomes null and void if the grantor becomes unable to […]

Medicare Secondary Payer/Medicare Set-Asides

Medicare A person may qualify for Medicare after the age of 65, or before 65 if they qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance as an injury victim. Once someone is considered legally disabled, it takes thirty months for them to qualify for Medicare. It takes about five months for a person who has been named as disabled to receive their […]

Thomas Mullen on Powers of Appointment

This article deals with trusts. A power of Appointment is the right to appoint or give away or change beneficiaries or one person’s beneficial interest. A non-general, or limited power of appointment lets a person, including the person who set up the trust (the grantor), give the assets to anyone except the grantor or the grantor’s estate or creditors.  […]

Tom Mullen on Wills

Most of us want to be remembered long after we pass away. We also wish to leave something behind to help out the next generation. As the end of our lives approach, we realize that accumulated blessings and wealth cannot be taken with us, but rather must be left behind. The idea of creating a will to designate exactly […]

Medicaid Fraud

Accusations of Medicaid Fraud Can Be Devastating. An accusation of Medicaid fraud by state employees can be very stressful… to say the least.  Send a letter to a scared caregiver, the one who signed a MassHealth Application, even though the nursing home or some other company hired by the nursing home actually filled out the […]

IOLTA, the Big M, and MassHealth; Medicare, Insurance, and all other Liens can be Negotiated and Resolved at Your Pace…What do you Really Know about Special Needs Trusts ?

This information is for attorneys as it is very technical in nature although all are certainly welcome to read on. While the particular facts discussed below refer to a Massachusetts Medicaid recipient, the law remains the same for anyone in the United States who receives SSI or benefits under their own state


I’m Tom Mullen and here is some breaking news on Trusts for Disabled Persons. If your trust for a disabled person does not comply with these new rules, the trust will fail-it will not work. If you are a personal injury or worker’s compensation lawyer, or the parent of a special needs […]
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    Attorney Tom Mullen and Mitt Romney Attorney Tom Mullen and Mitt Romney

    Attorney Tom Mullen and Mitt Romney

Attorney Tom Mullen and Mitt Romney

In an earlier blog Attorney Tom Mullen discussed how he worked with our U.S. Congress fighting for the rights of the elderly. This blog will discuss how Tom Mullen has worked with the Massachusetts legislature. In July of 2003 in the waning days of the Mass. legislative budget debate, then-Governor Mitt Romney […]
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    MassHealth and the Home of a Single Person MassHealth and the Home of a Single Person

    MassHealth and the Home of a Single Person

MassHealth and the Home of a Single Person

MassHealth and the Home of a Single Person: Does the House “count” if you go in a nursing home? Can you still give the house away? Is there a Death lien?  Recall in an earlier blog Attorney Thomas Mullen discussed why the home is safe if you are married and one spouse enters a […]

Trusts for Disabled People

“My youngest child has “XXX” (physical, mental, substance abuse issues). Why don’t we simply leave his share to our other son–he’ll take care of him”? Trust for Disabled Person – Do they really work? I’m Attorney Tom Mullen of Quincy Mass. and this blog is only going to discuss the trust that takes effect when […]