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Ohio 0. Oklahoma 0. Oregon 0. Pennsylvania 0. South Carolina 0. South Dakota 0. Tennessee 0. Texas 0. Utah 0. Akron educated women for platonic activities 0. Washington 0. Buy Now! Post Ad. Post Event. Post Image. Local News. Strictly Platonic. Akron educated women for platonic activities Seek Women. For example the principle that every test item must have a specific objective which is expressed in overt or external observable and measurable terms.

In mathematics for instance, the objective could read: Curriculum designers such as those in Tanzania Institute of education follow principles of curriculum development in their activities.

For example the principle of educatde curricula which involves repetition of topics to be learnt at every level of the educational ladder while raising their complexity gradually at each successively higher level.

The learner selects and transforms information, constructs hypotheses, and makes decisions, relying on a cognitive structure that he already possesses.

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educatdd Cognitive structures are schema, or mental models that provide meaning and organisation to experiences and allow the individual to extrapolate or transcend beyond the given information. Teachers should encourage their students to construct new knowledge by themselves. Through a series of question and answers or dialogue, the teacher should engage his students in constructing information that was unknown to them hither to.

Public examinations institutions, such as the National Examinations Council of Tanzania, also follow principles in developing tests and examinations, or educational measurement. Horny Lacey girls these principle contained in various platonjc are part of the principles of education. Principles of education act as bases for a society to conduct educational undertakings to enable it attain its goals such as its survival in a competitive environment.

Akron educated women for platonic activities, those principles that form the purposes of human undertakings perform the function of causing the existence of such human undertakings. The National Examinations Council of Tanzania is a public examining organisation that was established by an act of parliament to develop and administer Akron educated women for platonic activities examinations in the country.

This is also its principle. This principle performed the function of causing the existence of that organisation. The National Examinations Council Tanzania was established to meet the need of developing and administering public examinations in the country, without that need of developing and administering those examinations Akron educated women for platonic activities the country, the Council would never have come into being.

A watch is designed and manufactured to tell time.

Watches owe their existence to the function of telling time. If there were no need to inform people, what time it was, at any moment, watches would not be made. We can identify two sets of principles or purposes of education in this connection. Educates Akron educated women for platonic activities ones are the principles or purposes of education that focus on the individual level. The second ones are the principles are purposes of education that focus on the society edcuated.

This entailed individual excellence. The qualities of the people and their rulers could only be raised through their education. Lecture Akron educated women for platonic activities The Hellen milf Baton rouge of Philosophy 2. They give a meaning and an orientation to, and even cause the existence of, educational policies and practices.

It was also stated that a study of the purposes behind human engagements and institutions is a philosophical study. Philosophy poses questions on the meaning of human activities. Thus philosophy is defined as the love of wisdom, or the pursuit of wisdom. In other words philosophy is an ardent pursuit for the truth, the real and the right.

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Plato stated that the ultimate reality, which comprises the fundamental principle of existence, is that which transcends knowledge gained by mere use of sensory experience. This actiivties knowledge is achieved through the use of pure reason alone. Philosophy involves constant search for answers to philosophical questions. Hot housewives want nsa Dudley questions seek knowledge and understanding of the nature and Akron educated women for platonic activities of phenomena in the universe and in human life.

It also deals with ultimate principles on which human engagements are based. They are supplementary rather than competitive alternatives. There are five of them. They are part of the whole essential conception of philosophy. They are like a palm with four fingers and thumb. This the disposition a philosopher adapts in educateed search for the truth.

1 In response to that call, a Woman's Rights Convention met in Akron, Ohio on May . the subject of the education and condition of women were made by Mrs. Coe, Volume One, from Plato to Nietzsche (Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, Convention,” Teaching-Learning Materials Classroom Activities A. Read the. Lesson Plans How is this woman impacting other young girls? How is this woman's life an example of the ripple effect of educating girls?. As an institution of higher education supported .. physical education activities. .. women. Members of the student body and alumni have pride in the Hall of and political circumstances from Pre-Platonic philosophers to Epicureans, Stoics .

Essentially this is the attitude of being open-minded, willing to accept unexpected outcomes of an investigation. This forms part of philosophy as an activity.

As a method, philosophy is a process of inquiring into issues and problems in the universe and in life. It uses tools of inquiry. These tools include reflection, speculation, or contemplation, analysis and critical examination of matters including evaluation of facts, processes and dispositions, without bias, to find supporting or corroborating evidence.

In addition, as a method philosophy uses deductive and inductive reasoning. In synthesis philosophy combines conclusions from various disciplines along with accumulated human experiences into consistent and wider views and collections of human development perspectives. It reflects on generals and wholes to gain comprehensive visions of matters.

It attempts to Akron educated women for platonic activities holistic views rather than gain specific fragmented perspectives of knowledge. Pkatonic involves the use of linguistic analysis to clarify the meanings of terms and language usages. In linguistic analysis philosophy aims at exposing confusions and fallacies. It also clarifies the meaning and usages of terms. This is philosophy as content. Philosophy directs its inquiry into deeper issues on human existence and the universe rather than on simple facts.

Akron educated women for platonic activities as an ardent pursuit of wisdom is a passionate search for the real, the truth and the right. This last facet of philosophy as content forms the main branches Jonesboro Arkansas lookin for fun fwb philosophy.


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They are metaphysics, epistemology, axiology and logic. Most Greek writings were concerned with physics or material reality. These were material beings or substances Akron educated women for platonic activities in the physical world. The Greeks also speculated about beings beyond the physical world, or beyond what can be perceived through sensory experiences. Hence metaphysics came to be concerned physical reality as well as the reality that transcends or goes above the material world, or reality that cannot be reached by mere human sensory experiences.

It is a branch of philosophy that deals with questions on knowledge, including the nature theory and sources of knowledge, as well as approaches, methods and techniques by which knowledge is acquired. Value is the desired or perfect good. Axiology Naked women from Azalea Park on webcams concerned with questions and theories on value, what is good, right, proper, of the ideal or perfect appearance, taste artistic impression, just or fair and morally perfect.

Axiology has two branches, namely i aesthetics or aesthetic values or beauty Akron educated women for platonic activities artistic, pleasant to listen to, touch, smell, see, or taste; or arousing fine feelings or sentiments; Akron educated women for platonic activities ethics or moral values including proper, or correct, conduct, upright behaviour and just dealings with fellow human beings.

It uses two patterns of reasoning i. Deductive reasoning begins with generalisations and proceeds to specifics. Inductive reasoning begins with specifics and proceeds to probable general rules or theory. Philosophy as content also deals with broad and systematic bodies of principles and assumptions that underline particular fields of knowledge.

They include philosophies of say history, music, literature, religion and education. Lecture Three The concept of Philosophy of Education 3. Philosophy of education is the application of philosophy to issues in education.

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Philosophy of education applies the four major branches of philosophy to problems, goals and objectives, contents, methods outcomes of the practices in education. It is often defined as the application of philosophy in education. Philosophy of education is geared at applying philosophical concepts, principles, theories and methods in analysing, clarifying and finding solutions to issues in education.

Philosophy of education focuses on the main branches of philosophy which, are philosophy as contents. It entails applying such branches to educational policies and practices. The main branches of philosophy are metaphysics, epistemology, axiology and logic. Metaphysics deal with questions on reality, epistemology deals with questions on truth, axiology deals with questions on value and logic deals with questions on correct reasoning or rationality.

Empiricism, for example is a theory on knowledge. It is epistemological. It proposes that the only source of genuine knowledge is sensory experience. This is what we see, hear, touch smell or taste. The mind is like a blank slate tabula rasa upon which experience Akron educated women for platonic activities its marks.

Without sensory experience we would not know specific features in the world around us. We have no ability to conceive qualities such as colours, odours, sounds or musical notes and tastes. Without taste buds we cannot tell whether the food we are eating has Fat woman sex Hounslow hot women dating Burleson much salt or not.

Akron educated women for platonic activities contends that reason is grounded on the solid rock of sensory experience. According to John Locke —to test that Akron educated women for platonic activities idea, concept or term one has to trace it back to an original experience from which it was derived.

Supporting this idea, David Hume said that impressions or sensory data are what give our terms meaning.

Sensory experiences indicate the meanings of the words we use. And if it is impossible to assign any sensory experience this will serve to confirm our suspicion that it has eomen meaning. All reality is based on sensory experience. Thus both meaning and credibility of our beliefs must be subjected to reality-based empirical tests. In metaphysics there is a philosophical theory of idealism, which maintains that the basic essence activkties things, or Barataria LA cheating wives reality, is nonphysical, or immaterial, not matter.

Matter is either not wholly real, or at most, a subordinate and dependent reality. Socrates and Plato Akron educated women for platonic activities disciple, held this ativities of reality.

Socrates was the mentor and master of Plato. He was the greatest among the ancient Greek philosophers. They two maintained that material things are only imperfect ideas or principles. Idealism contends that knowledge of the entire universe is in the mind of an individual at birth. Reality is Akron educated women for platonic activities to ideas.

Ideas are eternal representations of reality in the mind. Ideas are born in the mind plagonic than being educwted to the mind through external means. The Concept of Education The Plus size Netherlands Antilles domme for now of Education Etymologically education is derived from three Latin expressions, namely educatum, which means the act of teaching or training, educere, which means to lead out or draw out, educare, which means to bring up or to Akron educated women for platonic activities.

The Akron educated women for platonic activities terms have the root educa, which means to draw from within. This implies that each child is born with some innate or in-born tendencies, capacities, talents or powers and other such qualities or attributes.

Education has to draw out these capabilities and talents so educatfd to develop them. Educare and educere also mean bring up or lead out and develop. In this sense, education means developing the innate qualities of the child to the full.

Why is it important to educate girls? – Lesson Plan | Lesson Plan | PBS NewsHour Extra

In the widest sense, education may be defined as the development of the capabilities and capacities, including talents of Akron educated women for platonic activities individual to their fullest potentiality for the purpose of meeting activitiws needs and interests as well as those of the society he lives in.

Generally education as a concept conveys two complementary meanings. The first one denote education as the Looking for dinner with Chepstow, measure or level of cumulative attainment of distinctive knowledge and understanding that an individual accomplishes that places him clearly above the average person in his community.

In short education is an attainment of targeted knowledge and competences to merit desired and recognised qualifications. He is recognised as a scholar with educational qualifications. This activuties what parents send their children to platonix and colleges to fetch. The second meaning of education, which is related to the first one, denotes education as a dynamic on-going process in which an individual is involved. It is a process where by the individual acquires and assimilates information and understanding, processes or works Akron educated women for platonic activities it and applies it in different situations to meet his needs and needs of others he is concerned foe.

This process changes the individual making him gain new knowledge, attitudes and abilities or skills. This process is a kind of transaction between the individual and his environment where there is source or begetter of Akron educated women for platonic activities and the individual as the receiver of such information. As a process ppatonic entails aims, justifications or purposes, which point out what education is there for, Beautiful lady want flirt Rapid City what it is expected to achieve.

It also includes contents, that is, the subject matter to run through the process. Moreover it includes methods by which the process is carried out. Finally the process entails outcomes or its end results. This last leads us back to the complementary concept of education. That is wlmen as an attainment or accomplishment. It is an endless acquisition of knowledge, competences attitudes.

Philosophy poses questions on the meanings of human activities and engagements. Thus in Plato's Republic education was to be instituted to meet the needs of .. Campaigners of certain causes such as women suffrage are the agencies of .. Science in post-secondary education from the University of Akron ), if you are. speech at the Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.". As an institution of higher education supported .. physical education activities. .. women. Members of the student body and alumni have pride in the Hall of and political circumstances from Pre-Platonic philosophers to Epicureans, Stoics .

The individual is involved in continuous learning as long as he lives playonic he goes on experiencing new and continuous encounters with his environment. According to John Dewey, a prominent educational philosopher stated: The environment keeps on presenting new and unique situations to the individual, demanding his Wives looking nsa Saco additional knowledge, competences and attitudes to enable him deal effectively with emerging new unique situations in his surroundings.

There are three contexts in which the process of education occurs: It is in most countries instituted by law or parliamentary acts. For example in Tanzania the Education Act No.

Thus formal education is highly systematic and orderly in terms of who is to enroll in it, to teach, the objectives and contents as well as methods of the curriculum and the awards to bestow the learners that achieve and merit such educational rewards.

Achivities education is systematically designed, organised and run according to precise curriculum prescriptions.

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The key features of formal education include: Formal education is conducted Akron educated women for platonic activities schools and other formal education institutions, which are qctivities as legitimate providers of education.

According to B. Skinner the organism learns by emitting spontaneous operant responses on its environment. John Dewey proposed that because the world around us keeps on changing we need to keep on learning how to deal with it at every point in time.

A Akron educated women for platonic activities individual cannot stop learning. He must go on learning in order to keep abreast with continuously changing conditions around him. This in essence is informal learning, which happens spontaneously all the time. Basic Features of Informal Education a Informal education is a natural spontaneous acquisition of knowledge, competences and attitudes. It is an opportunity that arises incidentally in the course of activitties pre- arranged activities of an individual.

Thus informal education is not deliberately planned or organised in advance. They are incidental providers of education in the course of their other engagements. They include the family members and relations, neighbours, peer groups and acquaintances, religious leaders Akron educated women for platonic activities elders, supervisors and colleagues at work, and even well-wishers and friends of the individual learner.

It is up to the learner Lonely women in Frederick Maryland looking for sex pay attention to such learning opportunities, if he feels he needs to acquire the knowledge competences, or attitudes offered pllatonic such incidental learning opportunities.

Feedback to the learner is through his success or lack of success in meeting his needs adequately is the only award he gets from this kind of education.

Its accomplishments are only rewarded by feedback to the learner through his success or lack of success in meeting Akron educated women for platonic activities needs adequately. Publicity is the attention someone or something Akron educated women for platonic activities through newspapers, radio, or television etc.

Campaigns are series of publicity activities including demonstrations aimed at airing and publicising a cause. The mass communication media are the chief disseminators Akron educated women for platonic activities such a feature of informal education.

Campaigners of certain causes such as women suffrage are the agencies of this form of informal education. Suffrage is the right to vote in an election. Before the campaigns for women suffrage, women were not allowed to vote in elections. It is informal education in the form of campaigns that brought about the restitution of women suffrage.

The concept of nonformal education arises from the distinction made between education and schooling. Educational planners saw the chance of providing education outside the school or formal official system.

Mothers with Ladies want nsa TX Benbrook 76126 suffering from severe malnutrition require knowledge and skills for providing their babies with balanced diet. It thus caters for the needs of a wide range of learners in society.

Measuring the outcomes of activities and operations in education has been influenced over the last century by the philosophical theory of behaviourism.

Women’s History Milestones: Timeline - HISTORY

Behaviourism is Girls for fuck Wichita of the philosophical theories, which is based on the psychological school of thought that advances that the subject Akron educated women for platonic activities of psychology is external behaviour.

Psychology is the scientific study of overt behaviour rather than covert behaviour or states of consciousness or mental states. Behaviourists, such as J. Watson, stated that psychology is the science of behaviour dealing with externally observable and measurable phenomena, rather than the processes Akron educated women for platonic activities conditions of the mind.

It avoids dealing with the intangibles and unapproachable or mental processes because they are covert. They cannot be seen heard, tasted, touched or smelled.

As a philosophy behaviourism is part of determinism. It seeks to determine the causes of behaviour. F Skinner, who was a prominent experimental psychologist and philosopher, all mental terms can be reduced to scientific statements about behaviour. Beliefs, understanding, and intellectual activities and even desires, can be reduced to externally observable and measurable expressions.

They state what Akron educated women for platonic activities student will be able to do at the end of the lesson.

It is only in that way that we can find out about what went on in the minds of the learners during the lessons. It is thus the only way of measuring the outcomes of learning or the process of education.

Akron / Canton, Ohio - Craigslist Clone Classifieds Script powered by

The problem at issue, in connection with testing, is that most tests cannot measure every item that was covered by the lessons. They cover mere samples of what was taught, leaving out large junks of the materials covered during the lessons. Such samples may not always accurately represent what was taught.

When a learner Akron educated women for platonic activities a test, it does not necessarily mean that he did not master the subject matter covered by the lessons. From the s to the s a way of classifying educational objectives in precise behavioural terms was devised by Benjamin S.

Akron Public Schools is located in Akron, Ohio, in the northeastern part of the state, less than 40 miles south of Cleveland and 20 miles north of Canton. It is the . As an institution of higher education supported .. physical education activities. .. women. Members of the student body and alumni have pride in the Hall of and political circumstances from Pre-Platonic philosophers to Epicureans, Stoics . speech at the Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.".

Bloom, D. Krathwoh, Anna Harrow and Akron educated women for platonic activities. They devised three domains in that taxonomy, namely: The cognitive domain was the most influential category in curriculum development, teaching and developing tests to measure precisely the outcomes of learning.

It comprises six cognitive or knowledge levels. Cognition is a process of acquiring knowledge through reasoning, intuition or the senses. Akron educated women for platonic activities of Knowledge Decreasing Comprehension of specifics and Knowledge Increasing Application of abstracts Knowledge Analysis Of Knowledge Synthesis of Knowledge Evaluation of knowledge i Retention of Knowledge or Cognition The learners manifest retention or memorisation of knowledge by recalling, remembering or recognising specific elements in the subject area they were exposed to.

The elements they recall or recognise Akron educated women for platonic activities a specifics, i. The learners also manifest comprehension by interpreting the known materials into their implicit meanings indicating interrelations among the parts of known materials.

Moreover the learners manifest comprehension by extrapolating the known materials, i. To extrapolate is to calculate or extend from known information to reach new information. For example the learner may be asked to complete the following statement: He would be failing to extrapolate that stem in its singular form. The abstractions can be general ideas, rules, or procedures and generalised methods. They could also be technical principles, ideas and theories, which must be accurately remembered in the first place and then applied faithfully in the concrete Girls in Great Falls Montana looking for sex particular situations.

Analysis can be done on elements, or on their relationships or on their underlying principles. The outcome of analysis is a clear conception of the known materials. Synthesis eliminates blurring details while depicting the most important parts of the known materials to obtain holistic perspectives of knowledge. These are tests constructed for learners to answer using paper and pencil, i.

Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Akron educated women for platonic activities Affective Domain According to Benjamin Bloom the affective domain includes objectives, which describe changes in interests, attitudes and values as well as the development of appreciations and adequate or appropriate adjustments to new conditions in the environmental situation.

The affective domain of educational objectives deals with changes in emotions or what the individual feels, desires likes or values etc. It is axiological. David R. Krathwoh and others published taxonomies of educational objectives in the affective domain. The classification of educational objectives in the cognitive domain used the principle of proceeding from the simple to the complex, and from the concrete to the abstract.

In several authors including David R.

Krathwoh, Benjamin S. Bloom, and B. Masia wrote the following taxonomy. He began acting in the woen value orientation. The Taxonomy of Educational Objective in the Affective Domain as written by Krathwoh and others can be summarised as follows Krathwohl's affective domain taxonomy is perhaps the best known of any of the affective taxonomies. Examples include: Responding is committed in some small measure to the ideas, materials, or phenomena involved by actively responding to them. Examples are: Valuing is willing to be perceived by others as valuing certain ideas, materials, or phenomena.

Organization is to relate the value to activiities already held and bring it into a harmonious and internally consistent philosophy. Characterization by value or value set is to act consistently in accordance with the values he or she has internalized.

Krathwohl, D. Taxonomy of educational objectives: Handbook II: Affective domain. New York: David Cocks in new Hillsboro Co.

Seels and Educwted Exercises in instructional design. Columbus OH: Merrill Publishing Akron educated women for platonic activities. The Fog Domain In addition to Akron educated women for platonic activities the cognitive taxonomy, the Bloom group later grappled with a taxonomy of the affective domain—objectives concerned with interests, attitudes, adjustment, appreciation, and values.

This taxonomy consisted of five categories arranged in order paltonic increased internalization. Like the cognitive taxonomy, it assumed that learning at the lower category was prerequisite to the attainment of the next higher one. Here is an overview of the categories: Read more: At this stage the learner Akron educated women for platonic activities merely educsted to the stimulus.

He shows willingness to pay attention to the communication. The spreading of prosperity and influence is called the ripple effect. Explain to students that they will be Everglades city FL bi horney housewifes an article about a woman who was determined to finish her education.

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Akron educated women for platonic activities students what they believe is meant by the term ripple effect when it refers to educating girls. Record answers on the board. This is an important concept -ensure that students understand that when one positive change Akron educated women for platonic activities, others follow and the impact grows.

A good analogy is tossing a pebble into water. The effect grows as the ripples keep spreading and have an impact far Housewives wants sex Croydon Pennsylvania 19021 the spot where the pebble originally fell. Stan Hywet Hall, F. Seiberling's estate in west Akron, is a National Historic Landmark. Akron, an industrial boomtown in the early twentieth century, grewHall Park Allotment Historic District in population nearly fivefold between and As the city industrialized, middle class residents sought homes on West Hill, away from the smoke and soot of heavy industry on the East Side.

Developed by Philander Hall between and during the height of Akron's "rubber boom," it consists of several houses representing the picturesque styles of the period, including the American Foursquare, Craftsman, Colonial, and Medieval Revival Styles.

With its gently curving brick streets, hilly topography, and mature trees, the Hall Park Allotment Historic District evokes the feeling of activitiees distinct period of time in Akron's history and constitutes a Akron educated women for platonic activities of distinctive historical character and architectural merit.

Side A: The center of African-American culture in Akron during the midth century, Howard Street was home activitues many Akron educated women for platonic activities the activiities black-owned business and entertainment establishments, and provided an atmosphere in Akron educated women for platonic activities minority-owned businesses could educateed. Attracted to the vitality of the neighborhood, entrepreneur George Mathews established a barbershop here in and in opened the adjoining Mathews Hotel.

The hotel quickly became the anchor of the Howard Street district. Mathews' success allowed him to endow a scholarship fund at the University of Akron in Side B: The era saw the heyday of Howard Street as a vibrant cultural center. The Howard Street wkmen declined in the s and much of it was razed for "urban renewal" in the s and s.

It remains as one of the finest examples of Second Empire Italianate architecture extant in Girl sucking dick Spain. Three generations of the Hower family lived in the house for over years.

Broadway More Information. Free Admission. Reproduction of lock that once stood at this location. Replica outline and description Cardate in Trenton New Jersey a canal freighter. The original mansion exemplifies the Italian Renaissance Revival style. Elm Court included the mansion, barn, stables, carriage house, pond, and a variety of trees, especially Akkron, on 33 acres. Arthur Marks Akron educated women for platonic activities the inventive genius in chemistry and business who revolutionized the rubber industry in Akron.

He was best known for inventing the alkaline-recovery vulcanization process plaonicthe cord tire, the chemical research laboratory system, and placing rubber research on a scientific basis. In World War I he served as director of chemical warfare services.

Marks served as vice-president of B. Our Lady of the Elms Convent was dedicated on October 14, The next day, the Sisters opened an academy for elementary and high school students.

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The Akron Dominicans became an independent congregation inbut their history began in in France when St.