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Anchorage me out ladies its good

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Anchorage me out ladies its good

Listener Supported. Michelle Shocked — Anchorage. Short Sharp Shocked Avg rating: I took time out to write to my old friend Anchorage me out ladies its good walked across that burning bridge Mailed my letter off to Dallas But her reply came from Anchorage, Alaska She said: I forgot how it goes I don't recall how it goes Anchorage Anchored down in Anchorage Leroy got a better job so we moved Kevin lost a tooth now he's started school I got a brand new eight month old baby girl I sound like a housewife Hey Shell, I think I'm a housewife Hey Girl, what's it like to be in New York?

New York City - imagine that! Tell me, what's it like to be a skateboard punk rocker?

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Leroy says "Send a picture" Leroy says "Hello" Leroy says "Oh, keep on rocking, girl" "yeah, keep on rocking" Hey Shell, you know it's kind of funny Texas always seemed so big But you know you're in Anchorage me out ladies its good largest state in the union When you're anchored down in Anchorage Oh, Anchorage Anchored down in Anchorage Oh, Anchorage.

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Queue wrote: Beautiful day in Anchorage today. Clear and a million and upper 30's.

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You should have heard her at Tin Pan South. Always loved this album. I'm so surprised there's so much rancor for these lyrics.

I view it as Anchorage me out ladies its good sweet, real slice-of-life song, about two friends who took different paths, but still have a connection. I've got a friend that I picture every time I hear this song, and can imagine us communicating like that.

Goof always smile when I hear this song - I'm sorry there are those so cynical that they can't!

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A rarity for RP! Whatever happened to Michelle Shocked? She seemed so promising in the late 80's early 90s.

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Anyone know? Wasn't this song originally done by a band called Aztec-Two Step back in ? Love Michelle Shocked. There is some Photo-John RP synchronicity right now because about one minute ago I was looking up her profile page on MySpace so I could add it to my friends list.

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And she hasn't disappeared. Far from it.

She made this great record, then disappeared. Where is she now? ScottishWillie wrote: By the way the album cover shown at the top of the page which I assume a re-release is a crop of the original photograph.

Without seeing the original full size picture you don't get the point of the image as the newer crop makes no sense.

Anchorage me out ladies its good

What possessed the graphic designer to only use this small section and not the excellent original photograph is completely beyond me. I'm sorry that I don't have the web skills or I would post both side by side so you can see the difference.

Here ya go Personally I never thought Michelle was taking a pop at housewives. I always assumed that this was a song was about the grass being greener on the other side of the Anchorage me out ladies its good. Housewife's think being a artist is attractive Anchorage me out ladies its good artist thinks housewives are lucky in having stability, a partner, a family, and a home.

The song reminds me lavies my dear departed friend Victoria Jo I miss you girl. Every day. I never liked that Leroy! Something about this song really bugged me.

Can't exactly figure out why, but mostly the lyrics resonated in a negative way, especially the part where she is lamenting Anchorage me out ladies its good a housewife while her friend is in NY being a punk skateboarder or some such ladiies. I guess I don't like people who complain about their situations I remember this song An early Anne DiFranco?

Ok, I'm responding to a post frombut oh well. I never got that feeling from this song. To me, its two old friends catching up on each others life. The friend is content in Anchorage with her husband and two kids.

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Michelle and the friend started at some common ground, ended up at different places, are both happy, and still share a bond. Makes me feel good.

I liked this bit--sounds incredulous. I was just writing a letter to my best friend from high school and commenting on how it's so strange that she and another friend are both married and each have a kid. How did we grow up? I love this woman.

See her lqdies and experience a brilliant musician, a gifted songwriter, and a Horny Lexington-fayette bitches voice.

I sound like a housewife I think I'm a housewife I love this song. It sounded nice at first.

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Then I noticed the music was basically 10 notes played over and over and over and over. And Anchoragr lyrics are totally inane. Texas is the biggest state in the union.

This was the first Michelle Shocked song I ever heard, I was hooked! I mw the narative style of the song. I don't think its all that negative of a song, it just reflects the realities of the decisions we make in life one person gets married, another pursues Anchorage me out ladies its good dream of being a successful performer.

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Its very honest. Gives you the impression that life becomes a lot more average after your teenage-hood and It don't like the taste of that: Great song.

Just picked up Arkansas Traveler, which is a fantastic CD, off of her website. This song is not off of that Ladiws, but has the same sort of "feel" to it.

Michelle Shocked - Anchorage - Radio Paradise - eclectic commercial free Internet radio

If you want to play anything off of "Kind-Hearted Woman," I certainly wouldn't object: A great song. Please play more Shocked.

Have not heard this one in years.