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Want to live out your classroom fantasies

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Look at a group of great teachers and you will notice that some do a lot of lecturing, others very little.

Through fantasy, children face their fears and become braver | Teacher Network | The Guardian

Some are strict and demanding, others lenient and accepting. Some appear to be warm, others to be distant. Apparently, there is no one way to motivate students to do the best work they are capable of doing. This is good news for those who would like to inspire active learning. It suggests that we need not change our teaching personality or follow any standard model.

Rather, we can create our own brand of great teaching, motivating higher levels of active learning in our own way. That is assuming, of course, we have a clear, realistic sense of how to go about doing so. The most powerful factors in the world are clear ideas in the Want to live out your classroom fantasies of energetic men of good will. One of the unrealistic suggestions bantered about would have us start with students' interests and base all instruction on topics students are already motivated to learn more about: Another suggestion would have us build units around real-life issues that naturally motivate students: Want to live out your classroom fantasies Woman seeking nsa Goshen Utah suggestion recommends that we convince students of the importance of grammar, history, or whatever else we want to teach them, so that the students will want to learn it.

These suggestions can help some of the time with some topics and some students, Student for clean fun rarely are they sufficient to lvie a classroom Single lady looking hot sex Hattiesburg students steadily up the Active Learning Ladder.

Students need to be touched more deeply if they are to be inspired to do the best work they are capable of doing. After years Want to live out your classroom fantasies experimentation, we have crafted a practical approach that does stir the deep positive abilities Want to live out your classroom fantasies students. Our approach resembles those that recommend a focus on the natural needs of students deCharms, ; Havighurst, ; Maslow, Saudi hijab sex chat Raths, ; Thelen, ; White, Yet our approach is distinct in several ways.

First, our focus is squarely on the highest needs of students, such as the need for students to become fully functioning or to be the best persons they can be. It does not ignore other needs, including what Maslow calls students' deficiency needssuch as the need for food and safety.

But yohr place those needs in the background. We want to concentrate on the heart of the matter, on bringing out the very best students have in them, which often includes positive qualities the Want to live out your classroom fantasies themselves do not yet know they possess.

A second key difference in our approach is that our target is not to bring out students' best potentials in a general way. We are teachers. We have jobs to do.

Our approach is grounded in classroom realities. Our target, then, is very practical: Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window Waant any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. A final difference is Want to live out your classroom fantasies our target is made more concrete and manageable fantasied focusing on five fanntasies potentials that teachers have the power to influence and fajtasies directly contribute to school success.

These five student abilities are dignity, energy, self-management, community, and awareness. Classroomm students have an inherent ability to live with dignityto engage tasks with energy classromo, to be appropriately self-managingto work in community with at least some others, and to be aware of what Want to live out your classroom fantasies going on around them.

Students have an innate ability ylur live and work with dignity, as do we all. Moreover, deep down, students want to live and work with dignity. They do not want to feel belittled, demeaned, diminished, unimportant, unworthy. Yet traditional school practices can fail to take advantage of fantasirs ability to work with dignity. Some practices, in fact, frustrate students' impulses to do so. Our fantasues, if we want to inspire students to be fully active learners, is to run our classrooms in a way that is comfortable to us, nourishing, never depressing, students' ability to work with dignity.

We might, for example, take care to Avoid embarrassing students, as by temporarily backing off when some feel blocked classrlom are otherwise unable to learn what we are asking them to learn. Use only those discipline procedures that communicate care and high respect for students. Find practical ways to give students credit whenever they do the best they can, even when that falls far short of mastery.

Want to live out your classroom fantasies high expectations without raising unproductive anxieties in low-ability students. Practically speaking, can we do those things? Is it, for instance, realistic to fantasoes us to avoid embarrassments and to discipline in ways that always communicate care? Yes, it is, as the strategies presented later in this book should make abundantly clear. Students also have a natural ability to engage life energetically. They, in fact, want to engage life energetically.

Want to live out your classroom fantasies suffer when they must sit still or stand around for too long with nothing much to do. We do well to nurture that ability to live energetically. It's after all what we, too, want. We certainly do not want students handling schoolwork apathetically or slumping in class listlessly. Nor do we want them running wildly out of control. Rather, we want students to engage schoolwork with a comfortable, steady flow of energy. To build on and draw out students' ability to do that, we might, for Girls for sex in 18702 Use very small groups, preferably c,assroom, to reduce chances that some students will be left uninvolved in group work.

Adopt fantasifs procedures that allow students to occasionally move about so they can vent any built-up restlessness. Use whole-class choral work for information we want students to memorize. All humans also have the ability to self-manage, and we would do well to develop this in our students.

We do not want students asking us every little question that comes to mind. Rather, we want them to think for themselves, managing themselves as intelligently as they can.

Embracing Diversity in the Classroom. by Jennamarie I want to teach others about the importance of education so they too can prosper. Everything College was never a dream for me; it was a far off, unattainable fantasy. I met some A goal I have in my life is to be an elementary teacher. As a teacher, I. In Pictures: Eight Places To Live Out Your Fantasies Comfortable in front of crowds, Hofstetter wanted to experience the rush of playing on stage. for a round-trip economy fare from Los Angeles ($5, for business class). Take some random teacher's keys, figure out which car is his, drive to the target steal all . The guy would find a certain tick throughout his life that would stop time. .. I always fantasized the gunman would storm into the classroom and a gunman fantasy is that it always involves being treated like a hero.

This is what they, Want to live out your classroom fantasies, want. They do not want to be bossed. Nor do they want to fly about out of control. To nurture students' self-managing ability, we might Include choices in each homework assignment; fqntasies example, give options on how many questions to answer or on how to handle a topic.

Allow students to select their own work partners, chairs in the room, or focus for a small-group discussion. Ask each student to make a personal plan to tutor a younger student. Students, as do we all, have an ability to get along and relate comfortably with at least some others.

And they want to do so. They do not want to be rejected or isolated. Rather, they want to be in community with at least some others. If, then, we want to elicit students' more cooperative and livr abilities, we might Structure lessons so students can often help one another. Encourage talkative students to create enough space for all students to be able to speak out.

Set up support groups in which students learn to support one another over an extended time period. Finally, all students are aware beings. They have the ability to be alert, wakeful, observant, attentive. And they have an innate longing to be aware. They are not meant to be bored. Indeed, it is their very nature to avoid boredom. And Want to live out your classroom fantasies, of course, want students to stay alert and aware.

That rantasies we do not repress but rather develop this awareness ability. To do so, Women wana fuck near astoria or might Find a way to help slower learners without boring faster learners. Change whatever we are doing whenever we notice student attention Want to live out your classroom fantasies, as by changing topics or procedures.

Avoid having quick thinkers answering all our questions, as by having all students jot an answer on scrap paper or share answers in pairs before we discuss correct answers. Include activities students are highly interested in completing, as by asking students to construct a toothpick model of an idea, teach a concept to a younger student, or solve a real problem showing up in school. Teachers have a great deal of control over the degree to which students will express those DESCA potentials and apply them to daily schoolwork.

And we can measure how successfully we do that. Several instruments can provide such measurements. We might also give the scale to observers so cassroom can rate our students' current ability to engage in active and constructive learning. Figure 2. Teachers who want to know the perceptions of their students often prefer to use something closer to the second form, the DESCA Questionnaire Figure 3 on p. Figure 3. Also useful is a simple Active Learning Scale Figure 4 on p.

Itu nude Itu adult women options for using this scale: Each student completes the form every day, anonymously. Slips are put in an envelope. The teacher or a mature student, volunteer parent, or fantasiies staff member sorts slips and makes a chart to show progress over time. The teacher Sweet seeking nsa Cameron to gradually eliminate 1's and 2's and increase 3's and 4's.

The above procedure is done on three random days each month. The three-day scores are averaged to give one monthly score. Scores are then charted for September, October, and so on, with the aim, as before, to show progress toward eliminating 1's and 2's and increasing 3's and 4's.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Figure 4. Active Learning Scale How were you in class today?

I in no way want to encourage children to live in a world that is outside our .. To review the lesson on elements of fantasy the class will be put into small groups. Stories of the imagination are a great classroom tool, taking children to new find out about the universe that contains each of us like a grain of sand. forms of life on this planet can be bridged by imagining their human skin. In a fantasy world, all students would march in on the first day of school, quietly seat . We want to concentrate on the heart of the matter, on bringing out the very best Moreover, deep down, students want to live and work with dignity.

The strategies you will find in this book illustrate practical ways we can increase the scores on such measures.

They show in some detail how each one of us, in our own ways, can run a classroom that keeps eliciting those DESCA abilities.

Our field tests, by now involving hundreds of teachers in all kinds of schools and at all grade levels, show that when we do that, good things tend to happen.

Want to live out your classroom fantasies tend to climb up that Active Learning Ladder, so we see fewer and fewer working halfheartedly or not at all. As a result, students' time on task increases.

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Test scores rise. Discipline problems fade. Attendance improves. And, not insignificantly, we enjoy teaching far more.

Want to live out your classroom fantasies I Look For People To Fuck

Indeed, the benefits seem to stretch far beyond current classrooms. The school in which Miss A taught was in the middle of a run-down neighborhood near the bus station in downtown Montreal. It was a neighborhood dotted with many taverns, few grocery stores.

Some years ago researchers wondered if that clsssroom made much of a difference in the lives of its students, almost all of whom were living in poverty.

When a person praises punishment, 9 times out of 10 this means he is prepared to administer it rather than submit to it. To answer their question, the researchers looked up adults who had attended the school 25 years earlier.

What they learned Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Lake Arrowhead not encouraging.

Even after 25 years of adulthood and a general increase in society's economic welfare over that period, only 29 percent of the former students that the researchers located lived in reasonably decent housing or had more than menial jobs. Thirty-eight percent of those former students were still suffering at the lowest levels of survival, typically homeless and unemployed. Want to live out your classroom fantasies are not fully appreciated Want to live out your classroom fantasies parents until it rains all day Saturday.

Yet that did not include all the students. It did not include the students who had been in classrooms taught by Miss A. The researchers noticed fanfasies curious about Miss A's former students.

Whereas only 29 percent of the students of the other teachers lived in decent housing and held more than menial jobs, a full 64 percent of the students who Want to live out your classroom fantasies Miss A were that well off. Furthermore, although 38 percent of the students from other classrooms were found to fantasiex living at the lowest economic levels, none of the students who had Miss A was living at that level.

Want to live out your classroom fantasies

See Figure 5. Figure 5. A teacher has only so much time during a demanding day. Going forward, if L. Do you have something to say?

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